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Our History

JUX Timeline (eng)


The company’s two-year development plan is completed. The factory operates in Extra Jumbo dimensions in its entirety with four (4) new production lines in function: a second horizontal double edging installation, a second thermal toughening and heat strengthening production line, a new state-of-the-art digital ceramic printer and a second fully-automated insulating glass line. Moving forward, new goals are set.


The addition of 11,000 m2 new covered area marks the completion of the current expansion phase of the industrial buildings and their ensuing infrastructure. Now, a total of 23,000 m2 of robust and well-integrated industrial facilities offer the ground for the ongoing installation of new and additional state-of-the-art glass processing equipment, pushing VASGLASS to the realm of Extra Jumbo architectural and marine glass manufacturers.


With a heightened sense of social responsibility, always aiming at effecting the smallest environmental footprint possible, a focused and comprehensive investment program in green technologies — “VASGLASS GOES GREEN” — is implemented. The 100% reclamation of the water used in all industrial operations is one of the program’s most notable aspects, among others.


A refreshed logo and the new commercial “VASGLASS” brand name mark the beginning of a new major investment cycle that aims to double the company’s industrial covered area as well as the consequent doubling of its manufacturing capacity.


An MRP II system is installed enhancing Factory Production Control (FPC) functionality and the monitoring of procedures related to CE marking while maintaining consistency in quality.


The so-called “islands of automation” are integrated under a single software platform by the installation of a worldwide-leading ERP solution for glass processing. All functions of make-to-order manufacturing are consolidated due to this tight integration, while improving lead times and ensuring a “frictionless” and uninterrupted flow of glass to the project site.


A CNC glass machining center with automatic tool change is added, offering with unprecedented precision a wide range of operations such as drilling, milling and cutting. The company advances flat edge quality by procuring new, state-of-the art straight grinding and double edging machines. At the same time, the procurement of a jumbo- sized digital glass printing line for ceramic inks allows the application of an unlimited range of graphic designs, photographic images and decorative motifs directly onto glass.


The company’s impact in the Greek Market solidifies. VAS is awarded the Evia Perfecture “Most Innovative Business” award obtaining a highly significant distinction.


VAS acquires a state-of-the art jumbo size laminating line including an equal-capacity high-temperature glass laminating autoclave. The company becomes an all- around architectural glass processor while offering a full range glass processing service.


A new thermal toughening and heat strengthening production line is procured signifying the company’s move forward and the start of its vision implementation. The simultaneous procurement of an innovative Heat Soak Test furnace forms a unique proposition for the Greek market.


The company relocates to new privately owned facilities spanning 12,000 m2 of covered area. All industrial glass processing equipment is reinstalled, leaving ample room for further expansion. A new vision starts to unfold.


VAS «Vasiliou Glass Technologies» is founded.

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