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Vision & Values



At VASGLASS we all share the same vision: continuous advancement.

The evolution of architectural glass in terms of its manufacturing process, functionality and its areas of application is continuous. Competence, technology and innovation lead to the creation of advanced products and services that respond to contemporary needs.

The products and services that can stand out in a truly challenging international market environment are those of supreme quality and of the highest design and manufacturing standards.

At VASGLASS we compromise with nothing less.

For the last five decades, we have dedicated ourselves in the advancement of our processing capabilities, aiming at establishing float glass among the foremost materials in construction, be it in land or marine glazing applications.

All that, under the authority and trustworthiness of our strong brand-name.





Core values should the only constant in an ever-evolving company. VASGLASS has learned to respond effectively in a changing environment, while remaining true to its fundamental values. Adherence to these values has positioned our company among the best in its industry.

We offer glass solutions that last for a lifetime. Our track-record in achieving just that, along with our proven technical superiority, constitute the principal factors that elevate VASGLASS to the status of a most reliable partner

Our products adhere to the most stringent quality standards, directly attributed to a combination of using superior materials from top-notch suppliers, and an optimal manufacturing process, following best practices. This can only lead to the creation of lasting products that possess specifications which set them apart.

With experience meeting knowledge, we feel that we make history in the field of float glass processing. VASGLASS takes pride in the employment of talented and highly trained people, tuned to the needs of the market and capable of catering to them.

We have the utmost respect for people, be it our employees, our partners or the end-users of our products. The human element, being part of our environment, is to us the driving force for creating flawless and effective products. At VASGLASS we foster relationships based on respect, in the strong belief that such approach benefits all stakeholders.

Trust is earned with time, and we daily take pride in confirming that we earn the trust of our partners and clients. Over the last five decades, our partners have learned to expect that no matter which product or service they acquire from us, it will be one of excellent design, of the highest quality and durability and performance.

In business, fostering life-time relationships attest to striking a balance between achieving optimal results for the company, while equally benefiting all other stakeholders. VASGLASS, a strong and healthy provider of innovative products and services, is fostering long-lasting relationships, both domestically and in its foreign markets, continuously building upon its ever-increasing levels of extroversion.

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