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VASGLASS caters to some particular applications via use of “active” membranes in combination with laminate glass.

More specifically:

  • LED illumination in various colors on text, logos, messages, video etc. A unique feature is that the high levels of transparency allow for the light to flow through the entire laminate surface, emanating out of both of its sides. Indicative applications include bus stops, airports, museums, advertising screens, live broadcasting, etc.
  • Applying various colors and color designs at different angles of observation. It is a decorative approach for applications in balustrades, furniture, building façades, etc. “Active” interlayer transforms clear float glass into a means of expression.
  • As a sole source of light during a power outage. A new application for special glazing as a source of light, whereby energy is stored during daylight and released in the form of light at night. Commonly used in architectural projects, interior decoration applications, advertising, road signs, etc.
  • Unique laminate glazing creations incorporating in the interlayer holographic designs. Commonly used in architectural projects and interior decoration applications, for which a vast selection of colorful, impressive designs is available.
  • Laminate interlayer acting as a video display for images projected through a projector. When the projector is off, the system acts as typical glazing and when it’s activated, turns back into a video display. Applications of special glazing include meeting rooms, convention centers, public announcement systems, etc.
  • Heat emitting laminate interlayer, commonly applied in bathroom mirrors, saunas, etc.

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