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Geopolitical developments have led to a dramatic increase in the demand for blast resistant laminate glazing.

VASGLASS, a pioneering producer of innovative glass solutions, offers a full range of certified laminate glass systems, suitable for managing the threat of bomb attacks.

Laminate glazing systems are designed to withstand explosive impacts with human physical integrity in mind. The risk of flying shards of glass is minimized with the use of specialized interlayer films, which additionally allow for the glazing system to retain its structural integrity by avoiding collapse further minimizing the risk for human injury. The performance of a glazing system against an explosive blast is dependent so much on its design, as on the choice of frame and the details of its installation.

Classification of safety performance for blast resistant laminate glass is performed under a specific methodology described in the European norm EN 13541 and implemented under the responsibility of a third-party institution (notified body), resulting in the categorization of a glazing system in the scale from ER1 up to ER4.

VASGLASS, a company fully compliant with the current European safety framework, offers its blast-resistant laminate glazing certified (CE marked) according to the European Norm EN 13541, for the full range of certification levels, under the brand-name VAS-SAFE ANTI-BLAST.

We carefully select and apply the most technologically advanced components that adhere to the most stringent quality standards, in the design and implementation of an unparalleled portfolio of anti-blast laminate glass systems.

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