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The VASGLASS VAS-SAFE laminate glazing portfolio, utilizing specially formulated combinations of components, offers certified protection against criminal and terror acts by absorbing high-energy bullet impacts, prohibiting penetration of the glazing system by either the bullet or its fragments.

Laminate bulletproof glass is ideal for protection against a wide range of threat levels. Visually, bullet resistant glazing may resemble standard glazing, however, in reality, it represents a transparent barrier against criminal acts.

While each individual component of a bullet resistant laminate system exhibits high levels of transparency, the large thickness of the composite system gives off a green hue. For that reason, extra clear, low-iron glass is often selected for the individual components, with the aim of creating a product that is as color neutral as possible.

An additional characteristic of the bullet resistant laminate glazing is its excellent soundproofing properties as well as strong protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Bulletproof glass standard is represented by the norm EN 1063 for European Union member states.

Bullet resistant glazing is classified according to its performance against specific weapons and ammunition. The European norm defines bullet resistant glazing as that which can withstand (no penetration) specific impact conditions (firing range, bullet speed, bullet weight, number of shots). However, in some cases the standard goes beyond this definition and requires that the rear face of the glass pane remains intact after impact, thereby eliminating flying shards of glass hurling through the space under protection. This is achieved by utilizing specially formulated combinations of components for the design and manufacturing of the bullet resistant laminate bulletproof glass.

According to EN 1063, these two distinct sub-classifications are indicated with an NS for the intact rear face (Non Spalling) and as S (Spalling) for the pane that simply withstands bullet penetration but gives off glass shards on the back side. Classification of bullet resistant laminate glazing is often indicated in the product’s commercial name and corresponds to specific performance levels BR1 to BR7 (S/NS) and SG1 to SG2 (S/ NS), certified by following the relevant and strict testing requirements implemented under the responsibility of a third-party institution (notified body).

For bulletproof glass, the distinction between SG1 to SG2 (S/NS) classification for shotguns and BR1 to BR7 (S/NS) for all other weapons is due to their significant differences in ammunition. Laminate glazing classification according to EN 1063 is independent of composition and exclusively dependent on the level of performance achieved during the testing process implemented under the responsibility of a third-party institution (notified body).

VASGLASS, a company fully compliant with the current European safety framework, offers its bullet-resistant laminate glazing certified (CE marked) according to the European Norm EN 1063, for the full range of certification levels, under the brand-name VAS-SAFE ANTI-BULLET.

Concerning bulletproof glass options, there are many factors to consider in deciding upon the sourcing of an optimal glazing system for a given level of safety and protection. VASGLASS, through its in-house superior technical expertise goes beyond a mere producer/ supplier of bullet resistant glazing, by offering technical advice for the design and implementation of a system that best meets your needs.

Our company, with the aid of its state-of-the-art equipment and its ever-advancing processing capabilities, aims at continuously evolving its bullet resistant product range by further reducing the total width of the laminate, alongside the increase of its strength.

Application of new bulletproof glass technologies, in the production of laminate components, give rise to new, advanced materials (polycarbonic, ionomer, etc.) that lead to glazing systems of reduced width and weight while maintaining or even improving their performance characteristics upon impact.

VASGLASS carefully selects and applies the most technologically advanced components that adhere to the most stringent quality standards, in the design and implementation of an unparalleled portfolio of bullet resistant laminate glazing systems.

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