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Float architectural glass coated with a thin metallic layer that allows for the dynamic management of both daylight and solar energy.

It allows for the transmission of specific amounts of light and the absorption of specific wavelengths of solar radiation, while reflecting the rest.

In addition to its thermal and light performance, coated glass is also particularly aesthetically pleasing.

Methods of detecting surface coating
It is important to be in a position to identify which side of the glass panel is coated, as well as the direction of the coating’s application (both surfaces can be coated), since in most cases the architectural glass coating is sensitive to damage from mechanical stress.

1st Method:
The coating is conductive to electricity, therefore it can easily be detected through a commercially available coating detector or an ohm-reader.

2nd Method:
Placing a pencil or an equally spiky object on the surface of the glass panel.
When the point of contact is on the coated side, a uniform, well defined, single image of the spiky object is reflected on the glass.
When the point of contact is on the non-coated side, a second image of the spiky object can be clearly seen reflected on the surface of the architectural glass.


Demonstrating some of the most typical glazing systems, identifying them by numbering each side of each glass, starting from the surface exposed on the outside and moving inwards towards the surface facing the inside.

Direction (exterior to interior) and numbering of the position of each side.


Float glass forms the base for the full range of processing performed by VASGLASS and it is the primary material used in a multitude of architectural and industrial applications, such as:

- Exterior architectural and interior decoration applications.

- Transport industry (vehicles, trains, planes and shipping)

- Specialized industrial applications (house appliances, consumer electronics, photovoltaic cells)

VASGLASS follows closely the architectural glass, and generally all trends and technological developments in the industry, maintaining close ties with designers, architects and construction engineers, in an effort to improve upon and expand the use of glass.

In order to enhance the performance of glass in terms of safety, endurance and insulating capacity, further processing is necessary in terms of using an interlayer (laminate glass), heat strengthening and tempering, incorporating it into double and triple glazed systems (insulating glass),while also applying specialized coatings (coated glass).

Our company is certified to apply the full range of processing techniques on any combination of the above architectural glass types, continuously expanding its certified portfolio of float glass products that cater to even the most demanding market requirements.


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