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Contemporary building code defines fire-safety and specifies the minimum acceptable levels for both new build and existing construction. Commonly used architectural glass cannot fulfill such requirements, as it tends to collapse when temperature variations above 40oC are applied on its surface.

Laminate glass demonstrates similar behavior in the event of fire. Similarly, unlikely fire resistant glass and despite the fact that thermally treated glass shows significantly higher resistance to temperature variations compared to untreated glass, it is incapable of withstanding fire conditions whereby temperatures reach values of up to 1.000°C.

Ultimate fire protection meets high aesthetics, in the VAS GLASS fire resistant product range.

VAS GLASS fire resistant glass meets all necessary specifications for enduring temperatures reaching 1.000°C, for various time intervals, so as to allow for orderly evacuation in event of fire. Available are types ranging from wire-mesh glass, specially treated float glass, as well as specially treated laminate glass.

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Rooms
  • Shopping centers
  • Buildings
  • Parking garage

Fire resistant glass is distinguished based on its performance under fire conditions:

The glass pane must prevent passage of flames and hot gasses for a specified time period. Heat transfer is allowed.
EW=Integrity and Radiation Control:
Radiation – EW: The glass panel meets Integrity-E requirements, in addition to limiting the level of heat transfer (low heat radiation) through the element (less than 15 kw/m2). for a specified time period.
EI=Integrity and Insulation:
The glass pane meets Integrity-E requirements, in addition to blocking heat transfer through the element, prohibiting the average temperature rising above 140°C within the protected area, while under no circumstances is it allowed to exceed 180°C for a specified time period.

The fire resistant glass pane bears a number that indicates the time in minutes (30, 60, 90, 120, 180), for which the product is certified to withstand exposure to temperatures up to 1.000°C.


The VAS GLASS FIRE RESISTANCE portfolio is offered certified (CE marked) according to the European Norm EN 13524, under the brand-name VAS-PYRO.

VAS-PYRO products are indelibly sealed indicating their class of fire resistance.

VAS-PYRO products are certified according to their intended use (door, window, etc.), the supporting frame (iron, aluminum, etc.), their dimensions (maximum certified dimension), and application (interior/exterior).


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