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Face the World through the Glass

Face the world through glass structural miracles! With the VASGLASS advanced glazing materials for architectural use, you can create "bold", innovative and solid structures that permit views to breathtaking horizons. The industrial innovation of VASGLASS glazings makes life look ideal, through the unlimited construction possibilities it offers. VASGLASS becomes the spectrum through which we are watching an idealistic future unfolding before us...

Living in a magic world!

Are you ready for a lifetime experience? Are you dreaming of a world that will offer you the opportunity to face the wonders of nature, through the safety and the advanced technology of structural glazing? Do you desire innovation, durability, resilience, protection and a transparent aesthetic, while at the same time raising the game for architectural design? Are you looking for the magic...

VASGLASS gives life to glazings!

Turn glazings into active visual art. Through the digital printing method, decorative glazings take a different form, role and value. VASGLASS VAS-PRINT products offer dreamy solutions with photographic quality directly on the glass. A variety of designs, patterns and colours on the surface of VASGLASS extra-jumbo glazings...

We participate in the architectural project

VASGLASS glass architectural products participate actively in impressive spaces, buildings and recreational crafts in Greece and the whole world. More than 300 demanding projects in 20 different countries and in compliance with more than 30 different international standards, are using VASGLASS glass...

Glass Architectural Dreamers

Discover the ultimate architectural glass potential. Create with the magic of VASGLASS materials. The creative use of the glazing always takes the designer one step beyond. For the architect who dreams through the material transparency, VASGLASS offers all the tools they need for the visual communication of the buildings, the human safety, the aesthetic differentiation, the color, the form, the synthesis...

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