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Innovations that make any architectural vision come true!

Investments that pave the way for innovative architectural and construction applications

VASGLASS is known as a model glass processing company, which is constantly evolving, by developing new investment programs. Since 2004, the vision of VASGLASS has revolved around the installation of autonomous and fully privately owned glass processing production lines; covering the entire production process of a glass-related project. Within the same concept, in the last two years, a large investment project, amounting to 11 million Euro, was completed. The building facilities that house our state-of-the-art production lines expanded by 11,000 sq.m., reaching a total area of 23,000 sq.m. This expansion is equivalent to more than double the productive capacity of the company, enriching it with a wide range of new technical capabilities of high standards and most importantly upgraded services for its customers.

A new 11 million Euro investment

The VASGLASS building expansion is combined with an upgrade of all productive departments, as well as a service upgrade. In addition to our standard products, i.e. the production of heat-treated, strengthened or laminate glass, the unique in Greece glass artificial aging furnace (Heat Soak Test), as well as the individual design possibilities available to the company with CNC cutting equipment, waterjet cutting and creation of curved and structurally complex glass panes, open up a wide range of possibilities for architects and engineers, covering the needs of the Greek and the international market. VASGLASS boasts a new modern production equipment of jumbo dimensions 7.00x3.40m., something that will cover the needs of the construction sector, but also invested in automated glass processing. This is an upgrade of its existing services with an innovative automatic storage and management system. This brings a completely different quality to the aesthetic, but also to the construction result and, even more, to the speed of delivery of the company's products to its customers.

The benefits of product quality and speed of service

In addition to higher quality production in Jumbo dimensions, which now becomes significantly faster in service, through state-of-the-art equipment and automatic storage and management, customers and especially architects and constructors, also benefit from what we call customization, i.e. the specialized design adjustment of the glass. Moreover, the new state-of-the-art digital printing unit enables digital ceramic and organic printing. Even the most complex constructions can now be implemented more easily, with reliability, quality, functionality and all the safety certifications that a glass pane must offer. Many of the most innovative architectural projects of the company today are based on this exact parameter, such as the great architectural projects of Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, Studio Daniel Libeskind, as well as large projects of public and private bodies, both in Greece and abroad.

Specialized in covering the needs of architects and constructors

The specialization of VASGLASS in the functionality and form of glass panes aims to enable the company to meet current needs and requirements, and especially new developments in the fields of construction and architecture. The company’s investment decision adapted to this and continues to shape the corporate vision and services, something that led to the above remarkable collaborations. The people of VASGLASS, listening to these needs, realize that the glass is more than just an element of the facade of a building.

Our turn to green growth

Both the company and its products are environmentally friendly. The company is constantly investing in green technologies, aimed at its sustainable operation and development. It implements a water recycling system in the production process and all its materials to save raw materials and energy. This also characterizes all VASGLASS products. Our innovative glass pane solutions, ensure to every client energy sustainability and building shell efficiency, always respecting the environment and people.


For VASGLASS, sustainable development goes beyond corporate responsibility and becomes a service. Glass is considered an active part of architectural construction. It is the skin of the building that can actually make it sustainable. Through a series of options proposed by the company, the glass goes beyond the logic of transparency and becomes an active part of bioclimatic design and lighting. Our technical consultants, enabled by state-of-the-art equipment technology and a well-organized R&D department, can provide advice and guidance on the design and development of any construction. This can be achieved with the energy saving glass VAS SOLAR & VAS ENERGY SAVING, two lines of certified (CE-marked) products, based on the European standard EN 1279 that can radically affect the energy efficiency factors of a building shell. Similarly, VASGLASS has a wide range of glass panes that can alter and adjust the shading, lighting and interior atmosphere of a building. They can even control the aesthetic effect of a building, creating a smooth surface on the facades, through structural glazing. This effect can be achieved with the VAS-STRUCT product line.

For VASGLASS, the glass is more than a construction material

VASGLASS adapts the use of glass to current needs, making it something more than a construction element. Constantly looking for new processing methods, the company does not stop discovering new uses for glass, aiming to offer unlimited applications to architects and engineers, for the implementation of any possible project. Always with the safety, protection and reliability the VASGLASS brand guarantees.

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