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VASGLASS gives life to glazings!

Discover the ultimate creative potential offered to you by VASGLASS digital glass printing!

Turn glazings into active visual art.
Through the digital printing method, decorative glazings take a different form, role and value.
VASGLASS VAS-PRINT products offer dreamy solutions with photographic quality directly on the glass.
A variety of designs, patterns and colours on the surface of VASGLASS extra-jumbo glazings allow the contemporary designer, architect, engineer, manufacturer, to implement endless indoor and outdoor decoration applications, with only one limitation... your imagination.
Actualize unique, divine creations with us, that change the exterior and interior appearance of buildings and contribute to the aesthetic differentiation and timelessness of your structures.

The digital – ceramic Vasglass printing, is baked and incorporated into the glass and is unchangeable under any circumstances with a 10-year warranty.

With the VASGLASS digital glazing printing, we're bringing your projects to life... because our relationship with glass is divine!

VASGLASS, The evolution in glass!

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