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Face the World through the Glass

Face the world through glass structural miracles! With the VASGLASS advanced glazing materials for architectural use, you can create "bold", innovative and solid structures that permit views to breathtaking horizons.

The industrial innovation of VASGLASS glazings makes life look ideal, through the unlimited construction possibilities it offers.

VASGLASS becomes the spectrum through which we are watching an idealistic future unfolding before us.

The global leader status that the company has already achieved by installing specialized glazing products in more than 20 countries all over the world- proves that its products are a powerful and necessary tool of creativity and safety for architectural projects, without restrictions on design imagination. The leading name of VASGLASS ensures that every construction vision is realized and responds with advanced technology to all the demanding needs of modern structures, which have glass as their main structural material.

VASGLASS does not compromise with anything less than the efficiency and the superior quality of its glazing products. Combined with the experience and the expertise of its qualified human resources, it conceives immediately the needs on the market and knows how to fully meet them.

Since 1965 it has developed strong relationships with its customers, having built a reliable trusted name. And it continues to win more customers with the distinctive quality, the proper design, the robustness and the flexibility in the production of specialized products required in complex and composite applications.

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