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A specialized organic paint coating is applied on architectural glass, bestowing a glossy and opaque visual result, which makes it ideal for interior applications. However, the specifications are such as to allow for the use of organic paint in interior applications only. The organic paint technology is designed to address high performance interior design applications, offering simultaneously a unique sense of depth and light.

When demand for a specific RAL/Pantone or some particular processing of the glass is generated, VASGLASS is capable of meeting the client’s expectations through a technically sound application of organic paint.

For optimal results, the use of low-iron glass is recommended for the non-painted surface of an organic paint treated glass.


VAS-PRINT ORGANIC is VASGLASS branded portfolio of painted glass.

Organic paint technology can be also applied on both thermally treated and laminate glass.

It should be stated that any references made to RAL/Pantone, do not refer to specific products or painting techniques, but rather to a color coding system necessary for accurately communicating, selecting and applying precise colors.


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