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Patterned glass is flat glass whose surfaces display embossed designs and regular patterns created by passing the molten glass (usually just after exiting the production furnace) between rollers whose surfaces contain the negative image of the desired pattern. The embossed pattern can be applied on either or both sides of the glass.


Patterned glass is typically less transparent than clear glass, produced by either clear or colored glass in a wide range of widths, being preferred for applications where light transmission and diffusion, but not transparency, are of importance.

VASGLASS offers a wide range of pattern designs in this category.


Moreover, VASGLASS offers textured patterned glass in widths of 10mm and 19mm. The pattern, applied on a single side of the pane, is highly textured making it ideal for interior decoration applications.


Advantages for thick, patterned glass:

  • High level of light transmission
  • Translucency – protecting the interior against direct viewing
  • Mechanical strength levels, characteristic for a thick glass
  • Bestowing a sense of volume increase in the interior space
  • Compressive and tensile strength attributes that make it suitable for high- strength demanding applications
  • High decorative value

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