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Self-cleaning special glazing offered by VASGLASS are divided in the following groups based on their properties:

Α. With photocatalytic and hydrophilic coating.
Β. With hydrophobic coating.
C. With nanotechnology treatment.

Α. Self-cleaning glass comprises of a clear float glass substrate, coated with a special organic coating applied during the manufacturing of the float glass by a process of chemical vapor deposition, bestowing to it increased mechanical strength properties for durability over time by essentially submerging and integrating the coating with the mass of the glass.

Self-cleaning glass can be thermally treated to increase its mechanical strength. The special glazing coating is both hydrophilic and photocatalytic, activated by ultraviolet radiation (can be activated even in overcast conditions, as only a small amount of light is necessary), chemically breaking down organic dirt and salts absorbed onto the window, while washing them away through a thin continuous layer of rain or other water (as opposed to droplets) caused by the coating’s hydrophilicity.

Self-cleaning glass is exclusively used in exterior applications.

Β. VASGLASS offers a state-of-the-art self-cleaning glass treated with hydrophobic coating, specially formulated for use in shower cabins and bathrooms, with zero discoloration, retention of clarity over time and easier to clean.

Either for residential use or in hotel applications, self-cleaning special glazing offers high performance combined with transparency through the use of specialized coatings comprising of certain metallic oxides, causing water to slip on the glass pane surface, providing for quick evaporation of condensation while maintaining a streak-free shine. In addition to increasing its mechanical strength, in order for the coating to be activated, it is required that the glass is thermally treated.

C. VASGLASS offers the ability to enhance the characteristics of any glass pane, be it thermally treated or not, bestowing to it the additional property of self-cleaning via treatment with a specialized nanotechnology-engineered coating. The special glazing coating applied does not alter the pane’s visual performance, as it is completely transparent. The treatment allows for reduced window cleaning and maintenance frequency. The process is appropriate for both external and internal applications.

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