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SG41, provides a mechanism for reducing the amount of solar heat radiation transmitted through the safety glass pane, while allowing for the heat to escape during the evening hours. It has been designed for use as an interlayer in the manufacturing of solar-control laminate glass.

It is a high-visible light product, designed for enhanced solar heat gain performance, as compared to float glass and laminate glazing made with standard clear interlayer.

SG41 “solar” interlayer film is specially formulated for architectural applications, demonstrating a capacity for meeting or exceeding laminate safety glazing regulations, when properly selected. Additionally, it provides exceptional durability when exposed to natural weathering.

VAS GLASS offers SG41 interlayer laminate glass certified according to the architectural and safety European Norms EN 12600 and ΕΝ 356.

It is a modern solar absorbing interlayer film that can be used either as standalone or in combination with other membranes, either with coated glass for laminate glazing or in insulating double glazing comprised of the aforementioned components.

It is formulated for exterior applications geared towards markets that demand solar control. It is ideal for applications where the width of the panel is restricted or double insulating glazing cannot be applied, with a nominal light transmission value of 74% and a solar gain coefficient of 0,55.

Indicatively, typical safety glass applications for the SG41 interlayer film are:

  • Balustrades
  • Canopies
  • Structural glass
  • Point-supported glass
  • Windows
  • Glass doors
  • Shopping windows

VAS GLASS offers an ideal “solar” product that eliminates UV and NIR (near-infrared) energy while allowing as much visible light transmittance as possible.

As demonstrated below, the spectral transmittance of a clear laminate of SG4,1 exhibits the same characteristics as those of a highly effective, high-visible transmittance solar product.

FLOAT GLASS 3mm + 0,76 mm SG41 + FLOAT GLASS 3mm

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