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Polyurethane Based Interlayer And Polycarbonate Safety Sheet Combination, Ideal For High Mechanical Strength Demanding Applications And For Protection Against Bullets Or Acts Of Vandalism

TPU is yet another type of interlayer film (polyurethane based), which in combination with polycarbonate sheets (PC) of various widths, are suitable for applications where human well-being and property protection against natural or man-made threats is of outmost importance. TPU offers the durability and protection expected of laminate glass, combined with the benefits of “standard” interlayers, such as UV screening, light transmission and noise abatement.

We offer the possibility for certified TPU interlayer bonding in either a symmetric or asymmetric laminate glazing system.

Typical applications include high-performance ballistic-resistant glazing, whereby the rear face of the glazing system remains intact after impact, eliminating flying shards of glass hurling through the space under protection.

According to European Norm EN 1063, laminate glazing systems exhibiting this property are classified as NS (Non-Spalling).

VAS GLASS, utilizing its state-of-the-art equipment and its ever-advancing processing capabilities, aims at continuously evolving its bulletproof glass product range by further reducing the total width of the laminate, alongside the increase of its strength. The intelligent combination of equipment and component technology leads to glazing systems of reduced width and weight while maintaining or even improving their impact performance characteristics.

Our company carefully selects and applies the most technologically advanced components that adhere to the most stringent quality standards, in the design and implementation of an unparalleled portfolio of anti-ballistic laminate glazing systems.

We offer combined TPU interlayer and PC laminate glazing certified according to the architectural and safety European Norms EN 12600, EN 356, and EN 1063.

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