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An additional characteristic of the safety glass VASGLASS VAS-SAFE product range is resistance to intrusion.

This is achieved under specially formulated laminate designs depending on the anticipated intensity of the potential attack. Vandalism-resistant laminate glazing is manufactured according to high performance standards, exhibiting the capacity to fend off break-ins, acts of vandalism and looting.

In the event of breakage of the laminate glass, the interlayer film retains its integrity even after recurring impact and acts as an impenetrable obstacle reassuring that the attempted intrusion will be prolonged and loud enough to attract attention.

Following breakage, as long as the laminate glass is encased in a fixed frame, it remains in-position, allowing the necessary time for its replacement, avoiding exposure of the protected space in the meantime. This further protects the property against collapse of the glazing system, possible looting, or exposure to the elements.

The VASGLASS product portfolio, under the VAS-SAFE ANTI-VANDAL brand-name, offers complete protection, fully matching any given safety requirements, while maintaining the highest possible levels of transparency and visibility.

The level of resistance to intrusion depends on the classification of each laminate system (generally, the higher the weight of the system, the higher the number of interlayer films and the higher the safety classification of the laminate glass).

Classification of safety levels and the degree of compliance to the set of criteria which the laminate glazing system needs to comply with, are defined and measured under a specific methodology outlined in the current relevant European Norms.

Norm EN 356 represents the standard for intrusion resistant laminate glazing for European Union member states. It is evident that laminate glass classification according to EN 356 is independent of composition and exclusively dependent on performance against the relevant level of testing requirements, implemented under the responsibility of a third-party institution (notified body).

VAS “Vasiliou Glass Technologies”, a company fully compliant with the current European safety framework, offers its anti-vandalism laminate glazing certified (CE marked) according to the European Norm EN 356, for the full range of certification levels , under the brand-name VAS-SAFE ANTI-VANDAL.

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